Chinese Version

Established in 1996, Huaxia Chinese Chorus (HXC) aims to bring people together and enrich our lives by sharing Chinese folk songs as well as songs from all over the world. The ultimate goal of HXC is to promote an understanding of Chinese culture through our singing and performances.  HXC is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonreligious cultural organization.

HXC has continually worked towards providing the highest quality performances through our vocal training provided by professional musicians. Over the years, HXC has been fortunate to have several famous musicians as our conductors, such as Xueyan Yao, Huiming Jiang, ShuangGuo, Guojun Wu, and Hexiao Shen. We also have had voice and stage performance training from a few professional singers who are well known in Chinese show business, such as Jie Liu, Yuan Xie, Yan Liu, Xinqiu Yao, Lizhi You and Xia Li.  We have worked with several pianists, including Binuo Chen, Bingbing Zhang, Cuiyu Fan, and Dihua Lin.

The repertoire of HXC contains many beautiful songs from Chinese folk music, contemporary, and international classic choral songs.  HXC maintains the characteristic performance style of Chinese country music, including local dialects.  In the past, HXC has organized and participated in several concerts, cultural, and musical events in the greater New York area.  In November 2003, HXC performed at NJIT James N. Wise Theater, and in February 2004 at Rutgers Student Center.  In recent years, HXC has set up its own folk music instrument team. In March 2010, HXC organized a Chinese New Year performance at Montclair State University.  In August 2010, HXC received a silver medal in the 4th World Chinese Chorus Competition.  In July 2012, in Cincinnati, Ohio, HXC was awarded a silver medal in the 7thWorld Choir Games (the Olympics of choral music) in the Folk Song open competition section. These awards have shown that our vocal quality and performance levels have improved and are maturing.

Currently, Professor Guojun Wu is our lifetime conductor and music adviser; our vocal advisor is Ms. Xinqiu Yao; pianists are Binuo Chen and Dihua Lin; and world renowned Broadway soprano and opera singer Ying Huang is our honorary adviser.

Huaxia Chorus warmly welcomes new friends with vocal or musical instrumental talents to join our group.  Come and make friends through our mutual appreciation of music, and we will enjoy our time together!